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Should You Use a Freestanding Tub for Your Master Bathroom Remodel?

Should You Use a Freestanding Tub for Your Master Bathroom Remodel?

Your master bathroom remodel deserves a well-thought-out makeover to become your in-home oasis.

There’s plenty of talk surrounding the great bathtub versus walk-in shower debate. For those that can’t give up the tub for a soothing and relaxing soak, another choice must be made. Should you use a freestanding tub, or a built-in tub, for your master bathroom remodel? Your master bathroom remodel deserves a well-thought-out makeover to become your in-home oasis. Nothing makes a statement of luxury and calm in your bathroom quite like a gorgeous and inviting freestanding tub. But, are there also some drawbacks or practical roadblocks that might stop you from opting for this style.

Benefits of a Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs come in sorts of designs and styles. Because of this, there is always a tub that can suit any style of bathroom design. Homeowners can find something classic or more eclectic for their master bathroom remodel. In regards to how to orient and place your bathtub, a freestanding tub fixture can often accommodate more flexible or non-traditional arrangements. In most cases, the tub does not have to be placed against the wall or within an alcove. Instead, you may be able to center the bathtub in a dramatic position in the middle of the wall or room, or even place it underneath skylights. Indeed, a freestanding tub produces tons of visual impact, even going so far as to look sculptural, if not provide that statement furniture look.

Drawbacks of a Freestanding Tub

For a master bathroom remodel, appearances are important, but not the only factor to base your decision-making on. Your practical considerations may limit your ability to go with a freestanding tub for your master bathroom remodel. One major factor is price: freestanding tubs are more expensive than built-in units, even when accounting for the relatively straightforward installation. Moreover, for homeowners who want the option of a shower-tub combo, adding a shower to a freestanding tub can end up looking quite awkward and outdated. However, a hand-held showerhead unit can be installed to most fixtures. What’s more, freestanding bathtubs take away that bit of ledge storage that built-in tubs offer. These drawbacks may seem minor to some and worth the trade-off for a beautiful bath. 

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