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Should I Add a Secondary Sink to My Kitchen Remodeling?

Should I Add a Second Sink to My Kitchen Remodeling?

Is adding a secondary sink to your kitchen remodeling a smart or practical thing to do? Here are some thoughts to mull over.

When people design their kitchens, they are often concerned with picking the styles, finishes, and appliances that will come together in their kitchen remodeling project. It would be rare for homeowners to consider adding a second sink, given that they are so focused on making the perfect choice for their main sink. Now, more trendy and stylish kitchens are sporting a secondary sink. To many, having an extra sink makes sense in their kitchen remodeling project, especially once they consider the added functionality it presents to an already busy kitchen. So, is adding a second sink to your kitchen remodeling a smart or practical thing to do? Here are some thoughts to mull over before you make your decision.

Total Cost

The cost of adding a second sink may not be so apparent at first thought. Of course, you will need to purchase a second appliance, either smaller or full-sized, which will affect your total depending on the model and size. However, consider the cost for plumbing and whether it’s feasible to rearrange or add pipes. On top of that, you’re going to need new counters or have your current countertops cut to fit in the new sink. All in all, installing a new sink is no small feat, with a potential price tag to match.

Getting Use

For some homeowners, the added-value of having a secondary kitchen sink is worth every penny. For their purposes or frequency of use, they find paying the extra premium worth it to have an additional faucet and sink at their disposal. Sinks are predominantly used for meal prep and washing up. An extra sink can prove useful by making these tasks more efficient, just like how some homes have double ovens or dishwashers. A secondary sink also lends itself well to preparing beverages faster, such as part of a coffee station or wet bar. This works well for your everyday use or when you’re playing host to dinner guests.

Layout and Placement

Consider whether your current kitchen layout can accommodate a second sink in a way that makes sense functionally or aesthetically. Some kitchen remodeling projects for large kitchens can achieve better use and visual balance with a second sink on opposite ends of the kitchen. Homeowners even like to keep a smaller second sink at the perimeter of the kitchen, so users don’t need to intrude upon the work area. However, as handy as an extra sink can be, it may not make sense in smaller kitchens or kitchens with limited counter space to start.

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