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Think Like A Kitchen Designer For Your Next Project

Think Like A Kitchen Designer For Your Next Project

What are some things a kitchen designer considers when planning remodels? These tips can help you better envision your new kitchen design!

Kitchen designers are great at what they do because they prioritize two key aspects in nearly every project: appearance and function. While this in itself may not be a huge revelation to you, it’s surprising how everyday homeowners can overlook one element or the other when planning their kitchen remodels. If you happen to be thinking about ways to improve your current kitchen or plan on a full kitchen transformation sometime soon, use the following ideas to help you start thinking like a kitchen designer! And of course, feel free to reach out to an expert kitchen designer at Bowen Remodeling & Design for personalized assistance.

Is the layout working with or against you?

A kitchen designer will try to create a kitchen layout or design that has “flow” and function. Placements for appliances, kitchen islands, storage, and more are not put where they are arbitrarily. Everything should be located and oriented to suit the user. The kitchen through-traffic should not impede a cook at work! Keep pantry and refrigerator access on the peripherals of the room. The sink and dishwasher should ideally be placed near the other. With a bit of logical thinking and planning, you can implement these important layout considerations too. 

Defining the kitchen with cabinetry

Often, the style of kitchen cabinets sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen design. Plus, it’s one of the more expensive portions of a kitchen to remodel, and a critical one nonetheless. There are many styles, finishes, materials, accents, and embellishments homeowners can choose to create their perfect cabinets. Whether you decide on Shaker-style, glass-front, or open shelves as part of your cabinetry system, just be sure to allocate ample storage space to get actual use out of them.

Make the countertops count!

Countertops are another statement element in a kitchen. Even in smaller kitchens with less counter space, the countertop material and finish are going to matter in terms of both looks and performance. Select a style that pairs nicely with your other kitchen decor, perhaps something that also is known for its durability, such as granite or quartz. Be sure you are willing to commit to cleaning and caring for your counters in order to preserve their beauty. Even the most elegant kitchen designs can be marred by countertop imperfections like unsightly stains and cracks.

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

Are you ready to remodel your Maryland home? The team at Bowen Remodeling & Design can help! Learn more about the additional services we offer, from fireplaces to accent walls! 

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