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The Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Bowen Remodeling & Design Kitchen Flooring Options

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, think carefully about the available kitchen flooring options and which suit your home best.

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel or renovation, one of the many things to think about is what kind of flooring you’d like in that space. There are many available options, and it seems like more are hitting the market constantly. Something to remember is that the kitchen is an area that experiences a lot of excess moisture, so there are a lot of flooring options that can easily be excluded due to this. Options like carpet and hardwood aren’t viable in a kitchen, where flooring is regularly exposed to moisture and dropped food that can cause staining. Here are a few of the best options when it comes to kitchen flooring.


Tile is still considered the best option when it comes to kitchen flooring. Tile is available in ceramic, porcelain, and stone. All of these options come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be installed in various ways for a unique look. Ceramic tile is the most durable option, but all forms of tile have superior durability to other flooring options. Tile is resistant to water damage and staining, although stone is porous and will need a little extra care to keep it from staining. Tile floors should be installed by a professional, and grout may need to be resealed at some point to keep the floor looking as good as new.


Vinyl is seeing a surge in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. Vinyl flooring has gotten some modern upgrades that give it an enhanced look, mimicking wood and stone flooring. It’s another water-resistant option, and it’s very easy to keep clean. Vinyl is a soft flooring that feels soft and somewhat springy underfoot, but the softness also means that it is easier to dent and scratch than other flooring options (especially when handling large appliances). It’s also a bit more DIY-friendly than other options.


Concrete flooring in the kitchen is the ultimate contender when it comes to durability and affordability. Thanks to modern innovations, it can now be mixed with dyes for a unique and luxurious look. There are also various surface treatment options that can customize the look of a concrete floor even further to create a floor you love. Concrete flooring is easy to clean and maintain, too. Some downsides to concrete include the fact that it’s incredibly hard. If you drop a plate on a concrete floor, there’s no chance of survival. Also, concrete flooring is a single, massive slab. Over time, the slab will be exposed to various temperatures and moisture, which cause it to expand and retract. This movement can eventually lead to cracking, which will need to be patched or otherwise disguised.

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