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Tips For a Welcoming Guest Bath

Bowen Remodeling Guest Bath

Designing a welcoming guest bath can offer your friends and family a comfortable bathroom space whenever they’re around.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shared bathroom or functions specifically as a guest bath—the guest bathroom always tends to be the last on the list to receive a facelift when necessary. Between the luxurious master bath and the frequently-used powder room, many homes have a guest bath that is trapped in a time capsule with the ghosts of designs past. When it’s finally time to update your guest bath, there are some ways to update it so that it feels cozier for everyone who stays with you and uses this bathroom for their needs.

Focus On Storage

The most important aspect of every bathroom is storage. In the guest bath, smart storage is absolutely essential. Even if you don’t normally use your guest bath, you should keep this bathroom well-stocked for anyone that comes around and will need to use it. For this reason, you should always have ample storage, that and storage should be intuitive and easily accessible for your guests. Cabinetry is a great spot for storage, but it’s better to have drawers installed in under-sink cabinets wherever possible. Even with organizers in place, rummaging around an under-sink cabinet can be troublesome, especially for guests that aren’t familiar with your system. Drawers are easier to access, and the contents are usually obvious—organizers make drawers even more approachable to guests.

Play With Colors & Patterns

The heyday of the all-white clinical guest bath is over. Current trends have adopted colors and patterns that make the space feel more warm and welcoming than the all-white bathroom. Choose options that suit your style and go with your decor. Your guests are often friends and family, and they’ll likely appreciate the personal touches that point to aspects of your personality. Choose from various blues, greens, and even soft pinks for a comfortable guest bath experience. You can also add patterned wallpaper for a fun addition or invest in patterned tiles for a floor that everyone will be talking about.

Choose Custom-Built

There’s a beautiful simplicity to heading over to a furniture store and picking up furniture for your home that just works. However, if possible, it’s always ideal to go with custom-fitted pieces that are perfect for the space and your needs. Custom cabinetry, for instance, can be built to the space available, maximizing its storage potential and countertop space while also closing any potential gaps where items can get lost or dust can build up. Plus, your guests will be wowed when they see your custom built-ins that make the best use of the available space.

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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