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Tips for Small Bathroom Tiling

Tips for Small Bathroom Tiling

Small bathroom tiling projects present some unique challenges and opportunities to elevate your bathroom design! Read about them here.

With so many elegant styles and trendy designs available, it’s easy to upgrade with small bathroom tiling! Bathrooms are the perfect place to add tiles. The right tiles are waterproof and can transform any bathroom floor, walls, backsplash, shower, or bathtub area. If done correctly, small bathroom tiling won’t disappoint. However, homeowners should be careful when it comes to planning, purchasing, and installing tiles for their bathroom design. These tips can help guide your successful small bathroom tiling project. 

Measurement is Key

Taking careful and accurate measurements lays the foundation for excellent bathroom tiling results. Small bathrooms tend to emphasize anything out of the ordinary, so even a tiny measuring mistake can stick out like a sore thumb. Typically, you’ll need to find the square footage of your project area, add extra to account for waste, then use that figure to calculate the number of tiles you’ll need to order. If you aren’t confident in doing this step correctly, you can always trust a professional to get this done.

Have Extra Tiles

Even if you are certain your measurements and calculations are correct, always order a couple of extra tiles for your small bathroom tiling project. This ensures you have plenty of tiles in case any tiles break, or for cutting to fit into small spaces or borders. Having some extra tiles on hand also ensures you have the exact replacement you need in case any of your installed tiles become damaged. Plus, the last thing you want is to hold up your project by not having enough of your desired tiles to finish the job. 

Prep the Tiling Surfaces

Inspecting your work surfaces for weaknesses or waterproofing issues is a must. A poor foundation leads to short-lived tiling results, as they can easily come loose from the floors or walls, not to mention it can leak water into the subsurface. Most projects can use high-grade plywood, concrete slabs, cement boards, or sheet vinyl as a prepped tiling surface to work from.

Grout Matters

Don’t overlook your choice in the grout. Think about the finished look of your light-colored, small tiles with dark grout or vice versa. In any case, the grout you choose will drastically impact the impression of the tile work. You can also use grout to correct minor mistakes and disguise small tile layout issues. The finished product tends to look more polished when grout is used with tiling projects.

Be Wary of Tile Finishes

Not all tiles will be appropriate for the bathroom floor. Some shiny, polished tiles become very slippery when wet, which is a significant hazard in a bathroom setting. Be sure the tiles you choose have an appropriate slip resistance rating to use for flooring, otherwise, keep these tiles for use in the shower or vanity backsplash.

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