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3 Uncommon Pieces of Advice for a Bathroom Makeover

3 Uncommon Pieces of Advice for a Bathroom Makeover

Here we try to offer you three pieces of uncommon or often unmentioned pieces of advice for a successful bathroom makeover.

When preparing for a bathroom makeover, you often find yourself researching the same few words of wisdom. You likely won’t be getting any ground-breaking advice, and certainly not any personalized guidance, unless you work closely with a professional bathroom designer. Still, here we try to offer you three pieces of uncommon or often unmentioned pieces of advice for a successful bathroom makeover.

Plan Ahead

When planning a bathroom makeover, be sure the designer, contractor, and homeowner are all on the same page and agree to a set plan, in vision and execution. Even when there is a plan in place, there can still be some unexpected factors to account for throughout the bathroom makeover and remodel. It can take anywhere from one to three months to fully remodel a bathroom, and there are plenty of things that can impact the project timeline. Do your best to stick to the agreed-upon design plans and renovation schedule. Changing the plans can cause miscommunications or problems, which would delay the projected finish date as well as potentially incur more costs.

Mindful Designing

It can be exciting to greenlight a bathroom makeover. While planning your bathroom design, be sure to keep in mind the rest of your house. Does your proposed bathroom design compliment the rest of the house, or does it clash too much? Consider how you may need to make small compromises in either your home design or bathroom design to achieve balance. Do you have your heart set on tiling, but are unsure how to make it work with your small bathroom space? Perhaps you can incorporate more of that tiling pattern elsewhere in your home to bring about a sense of cohesion. Take inspiration from bathroom makeover and design trends to jump-start your creative brainstorming. From there, pick out the best elements you want to include and consider what will work best in your bathroom project.

Don’t Forget Ventilation 

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects that are not as glamorous as a new vanity or shower, but is just as essential, is the ventilation system. Ventilation is imperative to keeping your bathroom clean. Forgetting a proper ventilation setup can cause persistent mold and mildew problems for your bathroom. This can ruin other parts of the bathroom and require costly fixes or upgrades. Remember to provide proper ventilation for your shower. In some cases, building codes can require you to at least have some ventilation measures in place. Dissipating moisture in your bathroom, say after a hot shower, is a great method for preventing mildew buildup.

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