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5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Powder Room

Bowen Remodeling Designing Powder Room

Designing the perfect powder room can actually be really fun because its small size allows for more creativity.

The powder room is the smallest room in the majority of homes, but it’s also one that sees a lot of use. This room is used daily by the family that lives in the home, but it’s also often one of the first rooms that guests see and use. It’s a unique space, and that opens it up to a lot of unique design options that don’t work elsewhere.


Your home’s powder room is the perfect space to experiment with different design options. While most areas of the home will follow a correlating design throughout, the powder room is where you can really let loose and bring out your personality in the design. Utilize samples of different wallpaper, paint, and flooring materials to try out a lot of different looks and combinations. Take your time with it—this is often the most-used bathroom in your home, so it should turn out exactly the way you imagined it.

Get Creative

The powder room is unique because it’s often the size of a closet, yet it’s a frequently used space. What’s great about this is that you can go all-out on the design more easily. Larger rooms with designs that are too busy tend to be overwhelming, but the powder room’s compact size allows you to utilize these designs without them being too much.

This is your chance to really play with fun colors, interesting designs, and unique materials that will make your powder room stand out in a big way.

Perfect Lighting

The size of a powder room means that it’s a cramped space—it can feel suffocating. One way to combat this in your design is to experiment with your lighting options until it’s perfect. If it’s too bright, it will be uncomfortable and blinding in the tight space. If it’s not bright enough, the space will feel dull and unwelcoming. The lighting should also be tailored to the overall design. If you choose a darker color palette, you’ll need your lighting to be a little stronger. If you choose a brighter color palette, your lighting will need to be softer to keep it from being overwhelming.

Large Mirror

Another important factor of the perfect powder room is a large mirror. In tight spaces, a mirror reflects the light—this visually opens up the space and makes it feel less claustrophobic. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your powder room, the mirror will also reflect the natural light around the space.

Minimalist Decor

Since the powder room is such a small space, it should be decorated sparingly. Simple wall art works great in this space, and a couple of small accents will suffice. Too much clutter will make a powder room feel crowded, and it takes space away from necessities. These rooms are usually light on storage space, so using what you have wisely is important.

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