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What To Be Wary Of In A Bathroom Remodel

What To Be Wary Of In A Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom designer has the knowledge and experience to guide homeowners through the exciting process of completing a bathroom remodel.

A bathroom designer has the knowledge and experience to guide homeowners through the exciting process of completing a bathroom remodel. As much as we can offer great ideas and inspiration, we also have the responsibility to warn folks not to use ill-advised designs. There are endless possibilities for a bathroom remodel, so there could be more ways than one to create a wonderful bathroom that you’ll love while incorporating excellent design. Now, keep in mind that it may be possible to successfully use some of these ideas in your bathroom design project. Still, it’s more likely than not that you’ll run into problems and be dissatisfied with the outcome. Just be wary of the following bathroom remodeling ideas.

The Wrong Flooring

Installing the wrong flooring material during a bathroom remodel could be setting you up for a disaster. Flooring materials get expensive, and it can play an integral part in the overall bathroom design. For one thing, laminate flooring is a popular home flooring choice, but avoid using it in moisture-prone bathrooms. Laminate contains a wood-based core that does not stand up well to water. You may think that tile or stone flooring is a fail-safe solution. However, not all tiles are suitable or safe to be used as flooring since it will make the surface extremely slippery when wet. And it’s a given not to use carpet flooring in a bathroom. If you want some softness on your bathroom floors, use bath mats instead.

Using Wallpaper

The right wallpaper can instantly transform the look of any room, especially in a bathroom remodel. However, it may not be the very best choice for the walls in every bathroom. Over the years, wallpaper adhesive could come off, or the wallpaper itself could show signs of water damage or mildewy growth. Steamy showers or baths could cause these humidity problems to the wall coverings. You may be able to get away with wallpaper in half baths and powder rooms, but full bathrooms may not be the best place to put up wallpaper.

Bright, Possibly Obnoxious, Paint Color

Sure, everyone is different and has individual preferences. A color may be loud and obnoxious to one, but cheerful and even calming to another. When it comes to painting your bathroom walls a color, what seems to be good choices? Neutral and light colors are always universally flattering for a bathroom remodel. If homeowners are looking for some color, shades of blue, green, or other earthy-toned colors are some excellent ideas. It would be best to be wary of bright paint colors like canary yellow or fire engine red.

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