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What to Look For In Modern Kitchen Design of Today

bowen remodeling modern kitchen design

Sleek, handle-less cabinets are a great way to achieve a modern kitchen design.

We are right at the beginning of a brand new decade. Although so far it’s been wrought with hardships, things in the ’20s are starting to look up. Since so many families have been cooking at home as of late, there’s been a huge boom in developing a brand new, modern kitchen design. And now that more and more of us are becoming vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, it will soon be time to start hosting neighborhood dinner parties and luncheons again. So now is a great time to research how to make your modern kitchen design– well, more modern. Here are a few recommendations on what to look for when transitioning to a more modern kitchen design during your next renovation

Make Clean Lines a Priority

Want something in your modern kitchen design that is both easy to clean and sleek design? Try focusing on cabinetry that has clean, flat lines. This includes handleless cabinets that do not rely on bulky handles to be able to open and close. In addition, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, clean lines can help create an illusion that your kitchen is actually bigger than in reality. It’s an ingenious design principle of a modern kitchen design sure to delight the guests and save you time on cleaning. 

Keep it Neat

A crucial element of a modern kitchen design is minimalism. This means it’s wise to reduce clutter as much as possible. Making sure the cabinets you choose are well-equipped to hold a lot of kitchen miscellany of various sizes is key to any modern kitchen design. But, you’ll still want all of that stuff to remain easy to access whenever you do actually need it when cooking your favorite meals. The best way to accomplish this? Try a floor-to-ceiling cabinet design.  

Integrate Modern Appliances

If you are deciding on a complete kitchen remodel, you might want to start with choosing suitable appliances to work with as your first step. That way, the rest of the modern kitchen design can fall right into place, matching the appliances. There’s nothing more noticeable than having an out-of-place looking kitchen appliance like an oven or refrigerator. To make matters worse, most kitchen appliances cannot be simply painted to fit in better for hygienic or fire safety reasons. Developing your modern design around your brand new appliances is the best way towards having a complete, stylish look. 

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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