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Why Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

bowen remodeling kitchen cabinet refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to elevate the class of your kitchen’s look on a budget.

Let’s face it: our kitchens have got a lot of love over the past year and a half. For many months, all of our favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes were all closed down for in-person dining and seating. Even those who barely knew how to cook were suddenly tasked with eating-in all of the time. And as kitchens get used, the faster they age, especially when it comes to cabinetry. Cabinets are subject to style and taste more so than any other kitchen element, so kitchen cabinet refacing is always a good idea. Plus, it’s a much less expensive operation than a complete kitchen remodel but still adds a certain amount of “wow-factor” to any kitchen design. Learn the many benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing and why it’s a great alternative to a complete kitchen remodel.

Only The Doors and Trims Go

When a kitchen undergoes a complete remodel, pretty much the entirety is stripped down to only a few remainders such as electrical outlets, plumbing, and refrigeration lines. This means that almost everything has to go, including all existing appliances, flooring, and, you guessed it, cabinets. Ripping up and installing completely brand new cabinets is an expensive and time-consuming process that many people just don’t want to deal with, which is why kitchen cabinet refacing is a popular choice. With refacing, only the doors and trims of the original cabinets are removed to be revitalized. The kitchen cabinets themselves are there to stay. 

Easy to Switch Up

That being said, all of the doors and original facing can be removed. Some more thrifty, traditional kitchen owners may just opt for a fresh, professional paint job on the original doors and trims. But other more experiential owners may want to add entire new doors or material trims as part of their kitchen cabinet refacing project. That way, they can have a totally different look than what they started within just a fraction of a total kitchen remodel’s cost. This can be done with a glossy and shiny professional veneer or a stained wood look. 

Hardware Improvements

Lastly, changing the old, outdated hardware is usually included in a kitchen cabinet refacing project. This means updating all of the bits and pieces that keep your kitchen cabinets held together and functional, such as hinges, doorknobs, and screws. Having poor quality or dated hardware hugely increases the chance of breakages in the near future, which can be very costly to repair. 

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