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Types of Showerheads for Your Custom Shower

bowen remodeling custom shower

Every shower head benefits custom showers differently!

Are you considering adding a custom shower to your bathroom remodel? If so, you’ll likely want to go ahead and choose a suitable showerhead that fits all of your preferences well. There are literally hundreds of types of showerheads to choose from, so the choices may get a little overwhelming. But each showerhead type is unique, so here’s a quick guide to choosing the most suitable showerhead for your brand new custom shower!

Single Spray for Custom Shower

When you think of a basic showerhead, you likely think of single spray showerheads. These are the simplest, least complex type of showerhead available. Single spray shower heads usually only come with a single spray type of water flow and pressure and are not very customizable or adjustable. They are usually the most inexpensive type of shower head out there. If you are looking to really splurge on the rest of the features of your custom shower and are not concerned about the showerhead, a single spray type is probably your best bet. 

Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjustable showerheads are a step up from the traditional single spray. These are usually detachable from the mount, and many feature differing water pressure or stream options. A custom shower option that many with small children use also features multiple shower heads mounts, especially ones at lower heights. They are an affordable solution that will work perfectly in any custom shower design, especially those on the smaller side!

Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is one of the trendiest types of showerheads available on the market right now. It differs from regular showerheads due to the way it’s installed. While most custom showerheads are installed at an angle, rain shower heads are built angled entirely vertically, meant to simulate rainfall. These showerheads go great with a spa-like custom shower design. However, due to their difficulty to install, make sure to talk with your design contractor beforehand if you are interested in this type of showerhead. 

Custom Shower Panels 

If you are really looking to elevate the luxury of your custom shower, consider installing shower panels. Shower panels may take up a decent amount of wall space and are more on the expensive side financially, but they are well worth the sacrifice. You will like to have a combination of elements of all three of the shower heads previously mentioned: adjustable height, multiple showerheads, and even programmable water pressure and temperature. However, keep in mind that these fixtures are often permanent and are hard to remove. 

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