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Enhance Your Spa Bathroom with Ease Using These Tips

bowen remodeling spa bathroom

A spa bathroom deserves to be equally nicely decorated for better ambiance!

After receiving your beautiful, brand new spa bathroom installation from Bowen Remodeling, it might still seem pretty empty. This is because any room is incomplete with no interior decoration! Even the most expertly crafted bathroom made for ultimate relaxation just will not be all put together with no decorations. Elevate your spa bathroom into a true day spa experience with these environment-enhancing decorating tips!

Soft Lighting and Aromatic Experiences

If you were a day spa-frequenter before your spa bathroom installation, you know that the first thing you’d usually notice when walking in is the wonderful, relaxing scent. Luckily, this chill vibe is very easy to imitate at home! You can use candles, wax melts, incense, or essential oil diffusers to achieve that heavenly aroma made for relaxation. Another spa bathroom essential is soft, warm lighting. Blue-based artificial lighting can be hard on the eyes and can actually cause headaches in some individuals, so focus on soft accent lights with warm-colored light bulbs. 


Plants are a perfect way to enhance the natural beauty design of your spa bathroom. Real plants are also good for the often stuffy air inside of the bathroom since they have natural air-cleaning properties, leaving you able to take full, calming breaths. But even artificial plants help to add a pop of different color into the normally monotone-colored spa bathroom environment. Recommended plants include bamboo shoots, small ferns, and succulents. 

Large Mirrors

Mirrors are not only great for taking a look at yourself (you look great!), but they actually have a more passive but equally important role; they also aid in spa bathroom lighting! Since the typical lighting style of a small bathroom will be rather dim or relying on natural light, a large mirror can help reflect the light all around the room. This is perfect not only to keep a more relaxing environment but also prevents the need for installing unnecessary harsh artificial lighting where needed. 

Overhead Lighting

In a spa bathroom, lighting should be warm-colored and a little dim to keep the people using it calm and collected. However, people who take showers or baths at night will likely need some sort of overhead lighting source so they can see their surroundings properly. The best way to accomplish this is with large ceiling light with a warm colored light bulb. If possible, try installing a light switch that has light dimming capabilities so each person using the spa bathroom can adjust the lighting to their desired brightness. 

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