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Kitchen Remodel Survival: How to Cook Without a Kitchen

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Luckily, most spices are shelf-stable, so feel free to use them when the kitchen is out of service.

It’s been a long time coming, but you’ve finally settled on the dates for your kitchen remodel project! Now that all the financial and time planning is over, you might be ready to relax and wait for your luxurious new kitchen to be completed. But then you realize– where am I supposed to cook for the next few weeks? After all, you likely won’t have access to a stove or oven for a while. Some people may just take the option of eating at restaurants during the kitchen remodel. But this isn’t healthy for your body, nor is it a good financial decision, especially if you have a family to feed. But don’t fret; there are solutions for cooking meals even when the kitchen system is down for maintenance. Here’s how to cook regular meals while waiting for your new kitchen remodel to finish. 

Make a Pseudo-Kitchen during the Kitchen Remodel

When your kitchen is under the knife, you will no longer have access to big appliances like the refrigerator, oven, or stove. However, most smaller appliances, such as microwaves or toaster ovens, are easy to move around. All you’ll need is a power source outlet and a place to store ingredients. This is the best time to invest some cash into nifty “kitchen hack” tools like air fryers, and instant cooking pots since all these tools need is a simple power source to operate. And a high-quality toaster oven can rival the efficiency of the actual oven stuck in the kitchen remodel zone. For frozen or refrigerated ingredients, it’s probably best to purchase or rent a mini-fridge that only needs a single outlet to operate. 

Make Use of Disposables during the Kitchen Remodel

Let’s be real– bathroom basins are not meant to be places to wash a lot of dishes. So for the duration of the kitchen remodel, it’s probably best to make use of as much disposable kitchenware as you can. This can include silverware, plates, and other storage organization containers. There are also environmentally friendly options to single-use kitchenware, such as plant-based plastics or 100% compostable dinnerware. 

Don’t Forget the Grill!

If you live in a home with access to a grill, now is the best time ever to make use of it! Grilling is a fun experience when the weather allows. If your remodel is in the spring or summer, try integrating grilled food into your diet while the kitchen remodel is taking place. That way, you’ll be happy and healthy with tasty and fresh grilled ingredients. 

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