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Kitchen Renovation: What Countertop Material Should You Use?

Kitchen Renovation: What Countertop Material Should You Use?

Choosing your countertop is the first step in any kitchen renovation and helps create a kitchen environment that suits your lifestyle.

Whether building from scratch or planning a kitchen renovation, designing your kitchen is full of big decisions. One of these decisions is what material to use for your countertop. Choosing this surface material is the first step in any kitchen renovation and helps create a kitchen environment that suits your lifestyle. Some would argue that countertops are both the main attraction and the background setting in a kitchen. Whether you are choosing for utility or style, the choice represents a significant dynamic in your home!


When speaking about tiles, most homeowners think of the backsplash area of the wall. However, tiles can work nicely as the countertops themselves. Tiles are affordable and give an old-fashioned aesthetic to your kitchen. If retro is not your style, many different colors of tiles are available for your choosing. One downside, however, is the need to apply the grout to keep countertop tiles clean, just like bathroom tiles. Grout also comes in many different colors to keep up with whatever aesthetic you are going for.


The tried and true option most homeowners and kitchen renovation contractors would recommend. Granite is one of the hardest natural stones and is fairly heat resistant. Also, granite brings an element of luxury and can raise the value of even modest kitchens and homes. Be warned though; granite can be a bit pricey depending on the cut of stone and granite also requires upkeep. This upkeep comes in the form of resealing the surface of the granite because it is a porous material and spills can seep into the stone.


Want a countertop that requires minimal upkeep, yet still looks luxurious? Quartz is for you. Quartz requires no resealing or polishing and almost doubles the resistance of any natural stone. Quartz is created by mixing particles with resin and polymers to create significantly durable surfaces while preserving an overall natural stone look. This artificial creation process allows the countertop surface to be resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals. However, quartz is not the end all be all for all kitchen renovation projects. Quartz is not too resistant to heat and can fetch a large price tag. 

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