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Tips on Designing a Dazzling Guest Bathroom

Tips on Designing a Dazzling Guest Bathroom

When planning out a bathroom that you intend your visiting friends and family to use, there are a few ways to make your guest bathroom a stand out feature of your home and hospitality.

The guest bathroom, or hallway bathroom, deserves thoughtful designing and presentation. Often, we get swept away in remodeling and decorating our master bathrooms, but that certainly doesn’t mean the other bathrooms in your home should go without a beautiful design. In fact, creating a dazzling guest bathroom will make it much more pleasant for both your household and visitors to experience! When planning out a bathroom that you intend your visiting friends and family to use, there are a few ways to make your guest bathroom a stand out feature of your home and hospitality.

Use Plenty of Light

Every bathroom design can benefit from plenty of bright light, either natural or artificial. Well-lit bathrooms give off a better impression, one that is clean, inviting, and relaxing. If there are windows in your hallway or guest bathroom, use it to your advantage by letting in the sunlight. You can always hang some light-colored blinds or drapes to offer more privacy. It may be necessary to switch out your light fixtures or bulbs to achieve a brightly lit bathroom.

Neutral or Simple Color Scheme

Designing and decorating your guest bathroom with a neutral or simple color scheme has a few benefits. It’s easy to achieve since you’re working with a limited color selection, and the finished look is timeless while appealing to the masses. Save your more personalized ideas for private master bathrooms instead. With a simple color scheme, there are plenty of ways to create a cohesive look and tons of visual appeal with decor in different shapes, interesting textures, and eye-popping colorful accents.

Opt for Open Storage

You probably want to have extra supplies on hand to make your guests feel welcomed and at home during their visit. That could range from keeping extra towels, soaps, body products, even toothbrushes on hand. In a guest bathroom, you want plenty of storage to keep this all organized but still fairly in view, so your friend or visiting in-laws know where everything is. An open vanity is a perfect solution. Plus, you’ll want to leave extra space on the shelves or counter if an overnight guest brings their own bag of toiletries, so they have a place to put it.

Decor That Deodorizes

Some go-to options for decor when accessorizing a guest bathroom are those that do double duty. They can look great and act as an air freshener! A vase of flowers, a decorative dish of potpourri, reed diffuser, or scented candles will look like elegant finishing pieces to your bathroom design while giving off a pleasant scent. 

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