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Pros and Cons of Open Shelving in a Kitchen Design

Pros and Cons of Open Shelving in a Kitchen Design

For your next kitchen remodel, here’s what you should consider before installing open shelving into your new kitchen design.

Every kitchen design used to be defined by its striking kitchen cabinetry. Now, there are hundreds of other ways to add style, interest, and personality to any kitchen design. In recent years, designers have incorporated open shelving into several kitchen styles, ranging from modern to traditional. For your next kitchen remodel, here’s what you should consider before installing open shelving into your new kitchen design.

Pro: Stylish And Trendy

Open shelving can be created with many different materials that can create its own unique look. This minimal style enhances a minimalist and airy feel to any kitchen design, making it super trendy. Homebuyers are even willing to pay the extra bucks to have an on-trend home. Open shelving presents more opportunities to show off one’s style since the items stored also act as display items and decor. Additionally, the shelves are perfect for drawing attention to a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

Pro: Everyday Essentials Are In Reach

Keep the items you reach for most frequently on the lower shelves. It could make your kitchen design much more efficient. Consider how you don’t need to open and close cabinet doors constantly to grab what you need. Also, by using open shelving to hold your everyday items, you don’t need to keep them on your counters, which makes a kitchen look untidy.

Pro: Lower Cost Than Cabinets 

The shelving material itself and cost of labor for installation are significantly less than what you would have to pay for traditional cabinetry sets. Those savings can go towards enhancements in other areas of your remodeling budget. Even opting for a mix of open shelving and full cabinets can cut costs. Plus, you can have a handy combination of both storage options for all your kitchen and pantry items.

Con: Can Unintentionally Look Cluttered

Because everything on open shelving is on display, your kitchen can look cluttered if you aren’t mindful of what you keep on the shelves and how you arrange them. Beautiful dishware and vases look nice, but mismatched bowls and cereal boxes can make your lovely shelves become a catch-all for random items.

Con: More Dusting And Dishwashing

Open shelves can require more cleaning upkeep. There aren’t any cabinet doors or barriers to prevent dust and kitchen messes from getting on your shelves and stored items. You’ll likely have to dust the shelving and wash more dishes to keep everything clean.

Con: Can Tell If Your Shelves Are Cheap

Just because open shelving may be a more cost-effective alternative to full cabinets doesn’t mean you can get by with the cheapest option. You need a sturdy construction that won’t warp or bow to all your heavy items. Like any other part of your kitchen design, it’s an investment you make on high-quality return.

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