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Making Dark Colors Work in Your Kitchen Design

Making Dark Colors Work in Your Kitchen Design

There are a few strategies one can use to make dark colors less daunting to use in a kitchen design.

You know all about timeless white kitchens and modern gray inspired kitchens too. Let’s shift our attention to dark color-schemes for a kitchen design. Some homeowners can have some reservations when it comes to incorporating dark colors to their home, let alone making it a predominant choice in somewhere as important as the kitchen! However, there are a few strategies one can use to make dark colors less daunting to use in a kitchen design.

Decide on Warm or Cool Toned

One important thing to decide on early is whether your dark kitchen will lean towards a warm or cool tone. Not every element of the kitchen can be the same color and shade, but they should all fit into the same undertone to look unified. Warm toned designs can use deep colored wood in cabinetry construction or the floors, while cool toned kitchens use painted cabinet doors and stone countertops. It pays to think like a kitchen designer and consider how all the pieces will come together in the final kitchen design.

Using Ample Lighting

Using dark colors in any room does make the space feel cozy and more intimate, but it runs close to feeling small and cramped. By using a variety of light sources in the kitchen design, you can bring back some homey pleasantness to the room. Use a mix of windows and skylights, overhead and task lights, as well as reflective accents, such glass or glossy backsplash tiles or shiny hardware.

Creating Visual Openess

If you are on the fence regarding whether your current kitchen set up can look good with a dark makeover, consider if there are elements that are already there, or that you can add, to bring out the feeling of openness. Illusions to enlarge your kitchen balance perfectly with dark colors that tend to shrink spaces. Do you have an open kitchen layout or use a half wall? Does the kitchen have large windows or a view to an outside living area? Even switching out some solid cabinet doors for glass-front ones can open up the kitchen’s appearance.

Use Light-Colored Accents

Having a dark colored kitchen design doesn’t mean you should hold back from using light-colored accents. In fact, it can create a lot more visual interest and balance to the overall design. You can have lighter colored walls that make your cabinets and countertops really stand out in the room. Also, light colored countertops on top of dark cabinets and kitchen island bases make for a statement-making and contemporary design. If you’re also a fan of using bold colors like bring reds and royal blues, a dark kitchen is the perfect setting to experiment with them. The dark elements prevent the bright and loud colors from overtaking the eye.

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