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The Pros and Cons of Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Bowen Remodeling Open Shelving Kitchen

If you’re thinking about having open shelving in your kitchen, you should consider the pros and cons before you commit to the design.

Cabinetry is a staple in just about every kitchen. Storage is a focal point of any kitchen design, with cabinets often setting the tone for the entire space. So, if you don’t have cabinetry, how does storage set the tone for your kitchen design? Open shelving in the kitchen has gained significant popularity in recent years, fostering an open and airy design space that many people appreciate. It does, however, some with some drawbacks that should be considered before you commit to the idea of open shelving in your kitchen.


Items that are frequently used can be kept within arm’s reach. Plates, bowls, baking tools, and frequently used pots and pans can all be stored on open shelving in the kitchen to keep them front and center and within arm’s reach.

Open shelving creates a unique look in any kitchen. Since the point of open shelving is to store your own personal tableware and other kitchen items, its look will be unique. Kitchen cabinetry, on the other hand, can be owned in the same color and design by many people, taking away its uniqueness.

It’s more affordable than wall cabinets. Wall cabinetry can get pretty expensive. Open shelving, on the other hand, can be very affordable. You can utilize repurposed wood or source some yourself, and you don’t need a professional to intsall it. Since it uses less wood overall due to the lack of doors, the costs remain lower even if you purchase all-new wood to do the job.

Open shelving provides an inviting atmosphere. Open shelving in the kitchen makes a home feel very welcoming and open. This is because everything is kept visible, on display, and within easy reach even for someone who has come to visit for the first time. They can clearly see where everything is, and that creates an inviting atmosphere.


It can create a cluttered, uncurated look. If you’re not careful about what you keep on your open shelving, you can cause your kitchen to look messy and cluttered instead of curated and inviting. This problem also happens when your shelves are too deep, as the temptation to fill them will often win out over keeping a more minimalistic look.

It requires more maintenance. Open shelving will fall victim to dust and debris more quickly than wall cabinetry, meaning it will require some extra maintenance. Dusting regularly and washing dishes that have been left out in the open for too long will just be some of the extra steps you’ll have to take to keep open shelving looking its best.

It can look cheap. Open shelving is amazing in many ways, but ultimately it is highly minimalistic and simple—this can cause it to look cheap. If you want a higher-end look, you can consider ways to dress it up and make it look like less of a budget option and more stylish and elegant.

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