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Which is Better: An Open or Enclosed Shower

Bowen Remodeling Open Enclosed Shower

Understanding the pros and cons of an open and enclosed showers can help you decide which is best for your design and your needs.

There are many different types of showers to choose from and which one you have installed in your bathroom depends largely on your personal wants and needs. Ultimately, however, every shower will fall into one of two categories: open or enclosed. Sometimes choosing whether to have an open or enclosed shower can help you narrow down your options, making it easier to decide which type you’d prefer to have in your bathroom.

Enclosed Shower

An enclosed shower is one of the most common shower types found in the majority of homes. They have doors or curtains that keep them contained and provide a clear division between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.


Enclosed showers are the most popular because they have a lot of benefits. They provide privacy by using curtains or frosted and textured glass to block vision. They contain the spray of water as well, keeping it off of the walls and floor of the bathroom. 


Even with their benefits, enclosed showers also come with some drawbacks. Curtains don’t provide the best aesthetic and can bring down the design of the bathroom. Glass doors contain the spray of water, but this can cause build-up, especially if your water is really hard. The build-up requires regular cleaning to keep it under control. In addition, enclosed showers that aren’t using clear glass can make a bathroom seem smaller by dividing the space.

Open Shower

While open showers are mostly found in high-end luxury bathrooms, they are a viable option for many other bathroom styles and sizes.


When you think of an open shower, you likely think of a large, luxurious bathroom, but open showers are actually great for smaller bathrooms. An open shower lacks the divide of an enclosed shower, leaving the space free and making the whole bathroom appear bigger. When you section off the shower, it can make a smaller bathroom feel a bit claustrophobic. The lack of a door or curtain can also mean a little less maintenance.


An open shower doesn’t contain the water spraying every which way when people use it, meaning it will get on the floor and the walls. This requires some planning around the extra moisture when determining your bathroom design and materials to ensure that you don’t end up with warped floors and peeling paint. Opting for a wet room bathroom design can help curb many of the issues related to having an open shower.

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